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4 hour tours

09:30-13:30 ‘Day Charter’

14:30-18:30 ‘Sunset cruise’ 


You can choose from a day time trip, giving you plenty of time to get back to your base and ready for dinner. Alternatively, you can choose a sunset trip with time to swim or walk on a secluded beach before taking in the sunset as we cruise back in to Jolly Harbour. Whichever you choose, you will be able to cruise out through clear blue Caribbean Sea and anchor near a white sandy beach. You can then go Swimming or Snorkelling in beautiful Antigua, while Amanda prepares a tasty picnic for you. Weather permitting, we can sail up to Deep Bay and snorkel on the wreck of the Andes, a  ship which sank in 1907 after experiencing difficulties. It caught fire and sank in Deep bay without loss of life and now sits in water deep enough to snorkel and see it in all its majesty. Click on this link to find out some of the history of Antigua 

You may just prefer lying back and relaxing as we sail the Caribbean Sea side of Antigua, before a gentle cruise back to Jolly Harbour.

We designed this four-hour cruise to allow you a taste of chilling Caribbean style. We are sure you will enjoy it and confident you will come back for another trip with us.

The price you pay booking direct with us for a 4 hour tour begins at Just US$500.00 for 2 people.

(these are the prices you pay, booking directly with us. You will pay more booking through third parties)

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6 hour tours

This six hour tour is similar to  the four hour cruise, but you just get a bit more play time or more time to relax and maybe explore a little further afield. You will have chance to go snorkelling at Cades Reef if the sea state is favourable, or the Wreck at Deep Bay.

Cruise starts at the ‘Day Charter Pickup Point’ at Jolly Harbour. Choose from a selection of refreshments we have on board.

So How Much Does It Cost?

Booking direct with us, a 6 hour tour is from only,

You may like to adjust your start time, so that you can watch the sunset as it slips  down behind the islands of Nevis and St Kitts as we cruise back in to Jolly Harbour. Don’t forget though! there will  still be time to Cruise out through clear blue Caribbean sea, anchor near a white sandy beach, do some  Swimming, Snorkelling, Eating, Drinking. Then time to relax as we gently cruise back.

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8 Hour tours

We try to keep our 8 hour cruises available for small  and intimate groups from 1 person to 4 people. This gives you plenty of space to spread out whilst onboard and allows you much more time to relax in to life at sea. 

We only cruise the Caribbean Sea side of Antigua, as we have found this to be the calmest and most predictable side from a weather point of view. 

With an 8 hour window, we can usually get from Jolly Harbour to English Harbour (weather and sea swell permitting) .

Booking direct with us, prices for the 8 hour tours start at,

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