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Here is a selection of our day trips and things to do in Antigua on our private yacht charter.

All the prices of our day trips are in US Dollars and includes use of the Stand-up Paddle boards, snorkeling equipment, Dinghy to the beach and back, snacks, a tasty, freshly prepared lunch on board, with a selection of hot or ice cold drinks including Sparkling or still water, sodas, Caribbean Beers, wine and of course Rum Punch. All of which are included in this ‘All inclusive trip’

If you are looking for ‘Things to do in Antigua’ we think that a trip on “Carried Away’ will be a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

Please let us know your food and drink requirements when you book and we will do our best to cater for your needs, whilst on board.

Four-Hour day trip Cruise

Choose from :-

 ‘Brunch Cruise’

 ‘Sunset Cruise’

We have designed this four-hour  day trip cruise to allow you a taste of chilling Caribbean style. We are sure you will enjoy it and confident you will come back.

The prices start at just USD$400.00 for one person, should you decide to have a bit of ‘Me Time’

If you decide to bring a friend, you pay only USD$400.00 for the pair of you and if you need more friends to catch the moment, just add another USD$50.00 per person, paying just USD$500.00 for four people. However, STEADY ON! We only take 6 fun seekers. (That way, there is always somewhere quiet on board to relax.)

As we cruise out from Jolly Harbour, through the clear blue Caribbean Sea, our aim is to anchor near one of the white sandy beaches. From there you will be able to go Stand up Paddle Boarding, Swimming or Snorkelling while Amanda prepares your food. The choice is entirely yours; you may just prefer to relax with a book as the cool sea breeze blows over our yacht. After you have had your swim or chill, we will take a gentle cruise back to port, where you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Darkwood Beach

Hermitage Bay, Pearns Point, Carried Away, Boat trips, Antigua, Jolly Harbour

Looking out over Hermitage Bay from Pearns Point

Caribbean Sea Carried Away

Cooling off in Carlisle Bay

Snorkelling at Freemans Bay

Snorkelling Antigua Paddle Board

Hermitage Bay

Snorkelling in Antigua

Coco Bay

Maybe you would enjoy a little longer?

This cruise has the same features as our four hour day trips Antigua yacht charter, but you will get more time to use the equipment we have to offer, or more time to relax and maybe explore a little further afield.

So how much does it cost?

A six-hour cruise is only,

  • 1 guest   $500.00
  • 2 guests $600.00
  • 3 guests $650.00
  • 4 guests $700.00

(All prices are in US dollars)

The cruise starts at the ‘Pickup Point’ at Jolly Harbour. You can enjoy any of the refreshments from our on board selection as we gently motor out of the marina, passing the waterfront homes, which Jolly Harbour is famous for. We will then begin to pass the first of the white sandy beaches this side of the island has to offer and you will notice the Turquoise sea and the Island of Montserrat in the distance, with it’s still smouldering Volcano. (Don’t worry, we won’t be getting too close!)

However, you may like to adjust your start time to depart around midday. This will enable you to watch the sun slip down behind the islands of Nevis and St Kitts as we cruise back in to port. Do not forget though! there will  still be time to Cruise out through clear blue Caribbean Sea, anchor near a white sandy beach, use the Stand-up Paddle Boards, go Swimming, Snorkelling, Eating, Drinking and lots of chilling before a gentle cruise back to Jolly Harbour.

‘Carried Away’ anchored off Pearns point watching the sun go down.

Hermitage Beach looking out over the bay.

Party Boat, Carried Away, Boat trips, Antigua, English Harbour

25th Birthday cruise and the party girl brought her own Captains hat!

Make a Suggestion

Our day trips and Private yacht charter  here in Jolly Harbour Antigua, are tasters of what we have to offer. We are flexible and may be able to accommodate your desires. You may prefer snorkeling on the wreck at Deep Bay or swimming and snorkeling, amongst the Coral at Cades Reef.

We occasionally run a series of  stops in English or Falmouth Harbour, where you can join the yacht and we will set sail along the Caribbean Sea side of the Island, passing Carlisle Bay and Cades Reef. Eventually reaching Jolly Harbour as the sun begins to set.

Or you may fancy a whole day on the water setting off from Jolly Harbour, sailing down to English Harbour, passing the Pillars of Hercules as we enter Nelsons Dock Yard.

After a walk around the Historic Dockyard you may want to stop for lunch or visit some of the local bars before we head off back to Jolly Harbour, arriving at sunset.

Prices start at USD $1,000.00.

How much time do you have available? as it may take us more time to get to your desired location. We want you to have time to chill once you arrive. However, that is not important at this stage, do the research, ask the question and we will see how we can help you.

Pillars of Hercules

The famous Pillars of Hercules at the entrance to English Harbour


English Harbour

The entrance to English harbour was once heavily fortified. Now it is a lookout post for anxious friends and family of the intrepid Talisker Challenge Atlantic rowers

Talisker Challenge

Some of the lucky finishers, with their crews already on dry land.

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